Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Pennsylvania
43 x 52 inches
Circa 1880
McPherson Collection

 Pennsylvania "Youth Size" Quilt

A perfect size for hanging, this small 19th century Pennsylvania quilt
has the graphic qualities to qualify for "the wall."

An interesting take on "Snowball."
The way the color is organized, it suggests (to us here - non-scientists),
some kind of funky DNA/molecular strand configuration...

One person told us she sees "light bulbs" ... Rohrschach!

Beautifully designed, with double borders and
corner blocks in both.

Hand Quilted in non-contrasting threads...
and in Very Good Condition.
There is some light fading on one border; in our photo it shows at the top.

This wonderful little quilt is all cottons 
with a nice range of prints and solids representative of the kind used
 by ordinary turn-of-the-century women in everyday clothing.

Price: $OLD

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