two sided quilt


Unknown Quilt Maker(s)
Collected in Arkansas
68 x 76 inches
Circa 1930

Double The Pleasure!

Two 1930's era quilt tops were combined to make this
super-cheery double sided tied comforter.

We bought this in Arkansas, but sadly, the seller had no information on it.
She did not know if there was more than one maker,
or even if it originated in Arkansas.

The (primarily) printed cottons are of the same era,
but it is conceivable that the tops were made by two separate makers.

The First Side we are showing is a casual variant of the traditional "Joseph's Coat."

Whoever hand appliqued it would not get the Pulitzer Prize for Precision,
but s/he just might be eligible for the Academy Award for HAPPY!
And Persistence!


The Other Side (Capital T") is pieced, and though a bit more structured,
it, too has a wonderful exuberance and freedom of design and color.

The "T" blocks alternate with another traditional American quilt design
know as "Economy Block"

The quilt is lightweight, though of medium thickness,
 and tied together with colorful knots.

Two, Two, Two quilts
in ONE!

Price: $325

** SALE PRICE $240 **

Checks ONLY please for Sale Price

 510-409-0826 .....

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