Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Tennessee
68 x 86 inches
Circa 1870
McPherson Collection

Now, THIS is a QUILT...

If ever there were a quilt that simply feels "authentic," here is it.
Well, at least, that is our response to it.

It is out of the Sandra McPherson Collection;
Sandy was drawn to quilts of "essence," in favor of "decorative" textiles.
No frills.  Just strong design.

And individual expression: check out the unusual border treatment.

Collected in Tennessee, we don't know exactly where the quilt was made,
 but it was surely made in the American South.

The fabrics, quilting and general style suggest that this 
"Coxcomb" quilt was made circa 1870.

Hand applique and reverse applique. 

Hand quilted in a style sometimes called "echo quilting."

Strong and Sturdy Condition 
with some scattered stains, and color change in the solid color  fabrics.

Separately bound in solid red cotton.

Price: $685 ..... 510-409-0826

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