figural applique crib


Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Massachusetts
23 x 39 inches
Dated: "1939"
Wools, wool felts
McPherson Collection 

One Lucky Kid!

Somebody loved a child ("BLS") very, very much.  
What a charming labor of love...

Wool hexagons create the backdrop to a date and a set of initials.

"1 9 3 9," and "B L S" were cut out of red felt, 
and then hand appliqued onto the ground.

The rest of the blocks feature 
appliqued and embroidered animals, stars, (and one boat!)
each beautifully designed and skillfully sewn.

Check out the unusual critters -- 
they're definitely not run-of-the-mill species seen on most crib quilts.

Well, sure, there are some of the Usual Suspects:  
Cat, Horse, Dog, Elephant, Monkey.

But they share the stage with much more exotic creatures:
Penguin, Rhino, Camel, Kangaroo, Turtle, and Alligator.

Price: $750

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