double wedding ring


Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in California
104 x 106 inches
Circa 1970
Polyesters and cottons

African American Origin

Looking for color? Here is color that just won't quit!

A Double Wedding Ring they won't forget,
 and YES, this is in SUPERB Condition,
and is of "gift quality."

We bought this from a man who got it in Altadena, CA
at a small estate sale in an African American homeHe did not get the maker's name.

Large enough for a bedspread on a modern bed (104 x 106 inches ),
and indestructible.

The fabrics, 1970's or so polyesters, insure that it will endure for years to come.
(The back is cotton.)

Hand quilted in nice small stitches.

It would be great for the right person ~ a student going off to school
or an adventurous, irrepressible bride and groom.

Will brighten any room ~ on a bed or a wall.

Price: $OLD

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