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About Us:

Julie Silber and Jean Demeter, co-owners of The Quilt Complex, work together to provide an exceptional range of quilt related services to museums, collectors, dealers, individuals, and quilt guilds.
The Quilt Complex specializes in buying, selling and appraising antique quilts made between 1780 and 1950.
We also offer antique quilt "exhibition packages" for museums and quilt events. Our exhibitions have enjoyed both critical and popular acclaim, nationally and internationally.
TQC provides professional quilt photography, both film and digital. We can photograph your quilt or your collection, and will create a special catalogue for you of your own quilts. We can organize your collection and create a digital inventory for you
The Quilt Complex maintains a Photo Lending Library organized to give use of images of quilts, and other quilt related important historical photographs.
We offer formal, written appraisals for insurance, donation, or retail purposes, as well as simple verbal appraisals. Julie is a well known, acknowledged expert in the field of appraising antique and vintage quilts.  

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Julie Silber

Julie Silber is one of the world's most respected quilt experts. She has been selling antique quilts to museums, businesses, and individuals since 1968. Julie was the curator of the world renowned Esprit Quilt Collection in San Francisco and is the co-author of the critically acclaimed books, Hearts and Hands and Amish: The Art of the Quilt,

Jean Demeter

Jean Demeter, a producer of events for many years, has been collaborating and working with Julie Silber & The Quilt Complex since 1980. In 1995 Jean joined The Quilt Complex as full partner.

Jean manages the administration, financial systems, and marketing aspects of the business. Her production, photography, and graphic design skills are vital to the particular aesthetic character of The Quilt Complex.

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