unknown design quilt




 Unknown Quilt Maker
76 x 90 inches
Probably Kentucky or Tennessee
Circa 1880
Sandra Mitchell Collection

~ Excellent Provenance ~

This wonderful, unusual quilt was in the private collection 
of the late, legendary collector and dealer, Sandra Mitchell.

Great colors ~ those often associated with Southern quilts  ~
including green, chocolate/mahogany, and a gorgeous pumpkin, a.k.a. “cheddar.”

The back is a late 19th century printed cotton, which shows the 
quilting and texture beautifully.

Superbly hand quilted in dark thread, at about 8 stitches per inch, 
counting one side only.  

Check out the exceptional dense hand quilting.
  The pieced squares are quilted in tiny crosshatch diamonds,
while the solid squares have miniature clamshells.

All this creates a very appealing and unusual texture.

EXCELLENT CONDITION, apparently unused.

Price: $2,850

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