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Quilts in Women's Lives - DVD
Pat Ferrero, film maker
Julie Silber, consultant
A series of first person portraits of seven quilt makers, including a Mennonite, a Bulgarian immigrant, an African American, and two Midwestern sisters provide insights into the inspirations for their work and reveal their passion and love for an art form that reflects their values and philosophy of life.

“I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love this film; it’s warm, enlightening and delightfully funny.”
- Julie Silber

“The film should be required viewing. It helps all of us to understand why in the current rediscovery and reassessment of women’s artistic achievement the creative tradition of quilts should hold a central place.”
-Dr. Elaine Hedges, American Studies, Towson State University

“Not only is this a marvelous film on the craft of quilts, but it is also a statement relating to self worth and a sense of real identity. Excellent programming in a variety of ways.”
-Educational Film Library Association

Quilts in Women’s Lives
30 Minutes/ All regions/ SDH: Subtitled for Deaf and Hard of hearing.

Producer/Director: Pat Ferrero
Consultant: Julie Silber

Photographs courtesy of Debra Heimerdinger

Quilt on cover by Radka Donnell, courtesy of Pat Ferrero



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