maverick "double irish chain"

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Unknown Quilt Maker
North Carolina
72 x 93inches
Circa 1900

Double Irish Chain is a commonly made design, but few are as memorable as this late 19th century piece, made in North Carolina!

Not content with an ordinary setting for her Irish Chain in those “Southern colors,” this quilt maker added DOTS and 4 POINT STARS to the white “ground” of her design. She then surrounded the center section with three borders ~ dotted with CRESCENTS!

This handsome all cotton piece is in excellent condition, with some color change in the solids, here and there. Visible in the photos. We actually think this variation in color gives the quilt a boost ~ makes for more eye movement!

Recently professionally washed, this is clean, flat and lightweight. It is hand quilted in nice, even stitches ~ dark thread on darker fabrics, white thread on the white. Very “Southern.”

Price: $585