anne orr quilt

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(an ANNE ORR quilt)

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Ohio
74 x 90 inches
Circa 1944


Fresh, clean and crisp in SUPERB CONDITION

this 1940s beauty has recently been professionally washed.

It had apparently never been used, but had a bit of surface dirt, 
so we had it washed and blocked by a professional. 
NO Wear, tears, fading, stains or fabric weakness.

Flat and lightweight, the quilt has a cotton back, and measures 74 x 90 inches. 

The quilt maker added a narrow, separately applied blue cotton binding.

Fantastic, RARE pattern created by the famous early 20th century designer, Anne Orr.

Our friend and colleague researched this design.
Quoting her:

"It appears in a 1944 Lockport pattern book; it is called 'The Star Flower.' 
The instructions suggest (for colors) blue, light pink, dark pink, and green. 
'Land O’Nod' cotton batting, and 'Colonial Quilting Patterns Nos. 99 and 100.' "

Her editorial comment:  
"Merciful heavens, there are a LOT of pieces in this quilt!! And it’s a beauty!"

Very well made with precise piecing, and in Excellent Condition.

All cottons with LOTS of small pieces and lovely, dense Hand Quilting,
executed at 8 - 9 tiny even stitches per inch (counting one side only.)

Price: $695
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