log cabin ~ windmill blades

"Windmill Blades"
Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Michigan
62 x 70cinches
Circa 1890
Silks, Taffetas, Brocades

Tiniest Pieces!

The Victorians could be quite obsessive ... this ambitious quilt maker, working at the end of the 19th century, used such teeny strips ~ and sewed so many of them to make her truly stunning quilt.

Each of the 90 pieced blocks measures 6.5 inches square, and each block has 57 pieces in it. These narrow, narrow "logs" are only 3/16th of an inch wide.

Our mathematics compute to this figure -- there are more than 5,200 pieces in this wonder!

The fabrics are fancy ones -- the kind we so often see in late 19th century Crazy Quilts ~ silks, taffeta, and brocades.

The design is a type of Log cabin, in this case organized into what is traditionally called "Pineapple" or "Windmill Blades."

By bordering each of the Windmill Blades blocks (with a narrow contrasting edge), and then setting her blocks on black, the quilt maker achieves graphic drama. This looks wonderful hanging on a wall, and the size (62 x 70 inches) is great for that purpose.

The quilt is tied, with the knots on the wonderful back ~ a fabulous red silk covered in large, colorful Asian designs.

Excellent Condition.


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