Unknown Quilt Maker
Provence, France
84 X 84 inches
Circa 1840

This very elegant piece was purchased in the 1980s from the renowned French textile dealer Michele Biehn. Here is what Biehn said about it:

"A bedcover showing both high relief quilting and corded work, Provence circe 1840.
The piece is assembled using a quilted wedding cover in the center and a wedding skirt cut
and sectioned to serve as a border; the plain upper part of the jupon is the outer section with the former motif-filled hem border of the jupon framing the center marriage quilt.

Close examination of both original pieces, the wedding quilt and the skirt,
shows they were stitched by the same hand and therefore seem to have been made by the same person. Whether this was true or not, the assembly was done in the 19th century."

The quilt has been examined recently by the American expert, Kathryn Berenson,
who confirmed M. Biehn's assessment.

She added:

"Pieces of this larger size are hard to find -- I've run across maybe five in 20 years,
 and all of those five made that large at origin.
 That it is a re-assembled piece does make it of lesser value than one originally made that size. "

Quilt is in Excellent Condition. Strong and sturdy.

Price: $6,800
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