double handled basket quilt

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Unknown Pennsylvania German Quilt Maker
74 x 94 inches
Circa 1880


A Truly Great Pennsylvania Quilts!

Simply put: This Quilt Rocks!

Who has ever seen a Baskets Quilt with Double Handles? No one here.

And that is only the start of the many great things 

about this late 19th century Pennsylvania German quilt.

In *MINT* Crisp Condition,  

the fabrics here quilt maintain their original vivid, spectacular colors.

Flat and lightweight. 
Strong and sturdy with no holes, wear, fabric weakness, fading or stains.

Double Dog-tooth borders, alternating a deep blue print and a glorious double pink, 

edge the two vertical sides.

And OH, her choice of framing the interior blocks in solid red and green!

A memorable and beautifully made quilt. 

Separately bound in a double green printed cotton. 
The back is another great 19th century print.

Hand quilted in nice even stitches, 

this quilt qualifies as a genuine "Tour-de-Force,"
or however you might say that in High German!


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