carolina lily

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Unknown Quilt Maker
Origin Unknown; Collected in Ohio
Circa 1920
78 x 92 inches

Never Washed ~ "Crispy" Crisp!

Made soon after the turn of the last century, this "Carolina Lily," here looks crisp (as in "sharp") ... and is crisp (as in "mint") !

The quilt, now almost 100 years old, is in EXCELLENT, MINT CONDITION ~ it still retains light pencil lines that the maker used to mark her quilting patterns. (These will lift in a wash or two.)

The hand quilting is pretty spectacular, executed in tiny, even stitches measuring about 10 stitches to the inch, counting one side only. Check out her TRIPLE Feathered Wreaths in the alternate white blocks!

She also added double lined HEARTS in the quilting. A love quilt?

All cotton, this classic American quilt pattern is well made, well proportioned and graphically enhanced by a sharp Diamond border.

Separately bound with a narrow, red cotton binding.

Price: $895
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