crazy quilt


Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Texas
68 x 82 inches
Circa 1940
Wools, Flannels, Corduroys

Abstract Graphics

"Crazy" ~ when used with "Quilt" ~ simply means:
a quilt whose pieces are random shapes.

It probably comes from the term for crackled glaze (random shapes) on pottery:

Crazy Quilts can be very fancy, 
such as the highly embellished, silk and velvet "High Victorian" examples. 

These were often showpieces draped over a piano or sofa in a parlor, 
as decorative items.

Or Crazies they can be more "everyday," like this one
made of sturdier fabrics such as cottons or wools, and made for use on a bed.

Here is a Great Depression-era example, made of wools, cottons and flannels. 

The solid design skills of the quilt maker shine through in her use of color and material.

This graphic quilt has a look more modern than its age (circa 1940) might suggest...

It looks great hanging on a wall.

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