Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Illinois
72 x 82 inches
Circa 1930

Many Names for this Popular 1930s Pattern...

"Kite," "Baseball," "Job's Tears" 
are just a few of the names for this traditional American quilt design. 

All cottons and made during the Great Depression years, this design is cheery and practical.

The pattern accommodates lots of scraps in a very appealing way, like "Grandmother's Flower Garden," "Dresden Plate," and "Double Wedding Ring," other oft-made quilts of the era.

Curved seams require a fairly skilled needlewoman, and this example, based on curves, 
is very well made

The quilt maker even did a separate white cotton binding all the way around the nice scalloped edges.

She was also a very good hand quilter, executing her stitching at about 9 to the inch, counting one side only.

In Excellent Condition and ready to use.
Price: $285
SALE! $195

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