maverick diamonds


Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Massachusetts
48 x 69 inches
Circa 1910
Silks and Velvets

We have never seen a quilt anything quite like this ... though
. it is reminiscent of other textiles, most obviously, perhaps, a Navajo piece.

Sadly, beyond having bought it in Massachusetts, we have no provenance on it.

I asked some friends to comment on this unique quilt,
since I could not find words to express my appreciation of it. 

Everyone had something to say:

One friend simply said:"Sideshow Peepholes" and
"Carnival-esque" another went further:
"I see legs bent at the knees...
I guess I would call it "Lozenges and Stripes" and notice that it is
organized in two in alternating groups of 3/2, 2/3.
The "lozenge" blocks compressing straight lines and generating
lots of energy that pushes up and down, ready to explode,
balanced by the cool colors of the static piles of stripes..."

What do you see/think?
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This Graphic Wonder is small ~ it's a perfect size for hanging:
48 by 69 inches.
It is hand embroidered and simply hand quilted (by the piece);
the back is black cotton, and the quilt is separately bound.



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