sampler quilt


Unknown Quilt Maker
Unknown Origin
Circa 1910 (with much earlier blocks)
72 x 84 inches

"Sampler" Quilts ...

also sometimes called "Album Quilts,"
contain a variety of patterns in the blocks, rather than repeated designs.

Some women made an extra block for each of their quilts.
They kept these single blocks as a record of what they made,
and some even called these their "patterns."

Once they accumulated a series of blocks,
women could made a quilt from all these various designs.
Or perhaps a later generation found blocks and put them together in one quilt.

Made around the turn of the 20th century,
this Sampler incorporates blocks made over a serious period of time ~
we see blocks made around 1860 and at least one made in the 20th century...

Check out the many patterns in this charming piece,
both pieced and appliqued,
including some very complex ones:

  • Burgoyne Surrounded
  • Drunkard's Path
  • Carolina Lily
  • Carpenters' Wheel
  • Hovering Hawks
  • Log Cabin
  • Capital "T"
  • 4 H
  • Cakeplate
  • Miniature Baskets
  • Masonic Block

The quilt maker set her blocks together with what appears to be a home dyed brown ~ probably walnut.
This color has mellowed unevenly as home dyes often do.

Here is a wonderful example of its type, in otherwise very good condition.
In one block (the "Carolina Lily" with cheddar),
the red has started to weaken -- see photos below.
Hand quilted.

Price: $885 (on HOLD)

Please click on pictures for full size images.

^Masonic Block^

^This red has started to weaken, here only^

^Probably the earliest block ~ circa 1860^