caesar's crown

Unknown Quilt Maker
Origin Unknown
84 x 96 inches
Circa 1835

... Such Elegance ...

This very early quilt has, it seems to us, elements of sheer perfection.
The extraordinary skill of the very talented and experienced quilt maker shine right through.

Check out the photos of this heirloom quality treasure
made early in the 19th century, circa 1835.

"Caesar's Crown," a pieced (not appliqued) pattern, with curved seams and points,
presents quite the challenge to a quilt maker.

Here, the quilt maker meticulously and oh, so precisely pieced her blocks,

The swag border was conceived and measured for this quilt specifically ~
and they meet and "round their corners" beautifully, symmetrically.

This fine textile is flat and lightweight.
The maker took advantage of the light batting and the high quality of those
gorgeous cotton printed fabrics...

Her hand quilting measures
an impressive 9 small, even stitches per inch (counting one side only)

Her choice of quilting designs is brilliant.
The elegant quilting enhances the whole quilt
without overshadowing or calling attention to itself.

The quilt is in Good, Sturdy Condition.
There has been some fading, which is slightly uneven throughout the quilt.

The printed red is intact, and the blue is only now starting to pop in a few places.

The early treasure is fresh and clean ~ we just had it professionally washed.

Price: $1,750

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