pine burr quilt


Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Alabama
80 x 80 inches
Circa 1950

~ "Pine Burr" ~ 
State Quilt of Alabama

The "Pine Burr" design, sometimes called "Pine Cone," is found frequently in the Southern United States.  In 1997, the Alabama State legislature pronounced it the "Official State Quilt."

According to the great quilt historian Cuesta Benberry,
 "From early to late 20th century, the Pine Cone quilt was popular among southern African American quilters."

The quilt maker folded thousands and thousands of small fabric squares into triangles 
and then sewed them to a foundation, resulting in a quilt that is almost three dimensional.  

The Pine Burr quilt is almost always constructed in squares, 
each one created by starting in the center and making concentric circles (much like a Pine Cone).

This labor intensive (!) quilt is in Excellent Condition.  
There is so much fabric that these graphic quilts end up being quite heavy.

These do not come along often; 
we have handled only two in our many years of buying and selling.

Price: $550

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