orange peel

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Illinois
80 x 80 inches
Circa 1890

CRISP ... and in Near-Perfect Condition!

Flat, lightweight, and apparently never used,
here is a wonderful example of a design traditionally called "Orange Peel.

(Photo shows it to be a tiny bit wrinkled --
it isn't wrinkled... it had been folded, for a bit too long...)

The design is a variant of a type of quilt known as "Robbing Peter to Pay Paul."
Drunkard's Path is another pattern that falls into this category.

The woman who made this quilt was very skilled ~
in her careful piecing (curved seams),
sophisticated design decisions (color, fabrics, proportions!)
and excellent hand quilting.

The crosshatch quilting is small and even ~ executed at about 8 stitches per inch.

The quilt maker framed the center section with three borders,
using the same Double Pink and gray striped cotton fabrics throughout.

Separately bound in Double Pink cotton.

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