caesar's crown

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Ohio
82 x 84 inches
Circa 1860

Early ... and ... Classic

Professionally laundered and blocked, this early beauty
is ready for your bed or wall.

The mid-19th century quilt maker was very skilled and confident:
she precisely pieced all the seams, including the many curved ones.
No easy task.

She was also a fine hand quilter. She covered the surface of
this beauty with tiny. even stitches, around 9 to every inch
(counting one side only).

We don't see the Double Clamshells quilting pattern often.
She also quilted triple diagonal parallel lines in her vining borders.

Fresh and clean the quilt is in EXCELLENT CONDITION
with no popping, tears, holes nor fabric weakness.

The beautiful red and green prints are bright and sturdy after all these years.
The quilt dates to about 1860.

Separately bound in white cotton.

Price: $1,150
** Sale Price ~ $750 **

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