nine patch ~ central medallion

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Oakland, CA
58 x 78 inches
1960 - 1970
Corduroys, cottons, cotton blends

Lots Going On Here!

This complex quilt was made circa 1960 or so, in Oakland, CA,
and is composed of some popular fabrics of that day...

Corduroys, polyesters and cottons (some of them blends), 
and some knitted fabrics. 

The quilt maker worked in what we'd call a "neon" palette/colorway, 
favoring bright colors and exuberant prints.

And she combined several traditional designs in one quilt.  

The center three sections of the Center Medallion are made of Ninepatches, 
smaller and larger.
The surrounding borders have both Diamonds and Hourglass blocks.
And then there are some Bars or Rail Fences, sort-of ...  in the top corners.

 The quilt is on the small side (58 x 78 inches), 
which would make it great to hang ~ a good option for this piece.  

It is in Very, Very Good Condition, except for the back.

The back looks like an old commercial bedspread, blue rayon, machine quilted. 
You can see in our last photo that the back has some wear ~
but is holding together well.

Quilt is hand pieced throughout and lightly hand quilted.  

The quilt maker also covered every seam with "X" embroidery
hand worked in a sewing thread (not heavier floss).
She even "X'ed" the seams that joined scraps together to finish a piece!

This wonderful quilt is out of a collection in Northern California.
 Many of the quilts in that collection are documented as African- American.
 Unfortunately, this piece one came with no provenance.

Price: $535
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