crewel embroidered quilt

Unknown Quilt Maker
Inscribed in Embroidery
Collected in New Hampshire
64 x 70 inches
Date Unknown
Cottons, Wool yarn

Mystery Quilt

We, along with several of our most informed colleagues, are
rather STUMPED when trying to evaluate the date
of this unusual crewel embroidered quilt.

All agree it is not ancient but we all put it in the range of
1880 to about 1940.

Equally intriguing are the finely embroidered letters
(below the center design)
which look something like "HELENE" ~ and something not like "HELENE," too!
(See photos below)

The ground is all cotton, with skillfully wrought hand embroidery,
beautifully executed, and in wool threads.

Subtle, elegant  coloration.

Each of the embroidered vignettes is different from the others.
The embroidery throughout is almost entirely intact,
 though there are some losses in the red embroidered scallops that edge the quilt.

Condition is very good and sturdy. The quilt has been washed professionally,
so it is bright and clean.  There remain a few very light discolorations.

The well executed hand quilting (measuring 8 to 9 stitches per inch)
is designed as overlapping circles,
with the template for the individual circles likely the mouth of a glass.

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