log cabin ~ windmill blades

Windmill Blades 

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Illinois
68 x 80 inches
Circa 1890
Silks, taffeta, velvets, brocades


What a beautiful example of a late Victorian "fancy" quilt!
Made circa 1890, this graphic Log Cabin ("Windmill Blades")
is in near-mint condition.

The fancy fabrics are the kind used in many Victorian quilts
made at the end of the 19th century:

We see silks, velvets, taffeta and brocades in many Log Cabin quilts
 of that era, along with tens of thousands of the CRAZY QUILTS
also using these elegant materials.

Here the "logs" are organized into what is called
the "Pineapple" or "Windmill Blades" variation of the popular Log Cabin.

The center section is surrounded by luscious textured red velvet borders,
 which are in turn edged in a gorgeous decorative braid.

The quilt maker even added hand embroidered yellow feather stitched lines 
to further outline and "finish" her design. 

The tassels on each corner are completely intact, as is the entire quilt.
We may have missed a piece or two that have started to break,
 but we don't think so.

The three layers of the quilt are tied.  We hear a slight crackling sound
when we are handling the quilt ...
We are thinking it may be paper pieced, with the paper still inside.

Still the quilt is supple and easy to handle; and, as you can easily see in our photos,
it would make a spectacular wall hanging!


(click on photos for larger images)

Rich red back, edged on all four sides with gorgeous velvet braid!

The white line you see at the edge of the bronze-y brown fabric in the above photo
is part of the design ~ NOT a break in the fabric.

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