maverick wedding ring

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Missouri
68 x 72 inches
Circa 1940

Makes Us SMILE!

When we found this charming quilt, we thought it was a unique variation on
 the popular quilt design, "Double Wedding Ring."

Since then, though, we have seen one other example organized like this one
with the interlocking rings in vertical rows:

"Double Wedding Chain"???

Even if not unique, the format is certainly rare, and very pleasing...
 This quilt has such a happy abandon
it feels like the quilt maker was playing and having a ball!

The quilt maker hand appliqued the rings to the ground using a running stitch.  
And the ground??  
It is a cotton (commercial) machine-quilted mattress pad!

The wide yellow border is turned over to the back. 

Excellent Condition.

Price: $ SOLD

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