prince's feather

Unknown Quilt Maker
"East Texas"
64 X 80 inches
Circa 1910

We bought this a couple of months ago from an 89 year old gentleman in Houston.

He told us that it was made by one of the women in his family,
 though he was not sure exactly which relative.

He said, though, that "they ALL lived in East Texas, one town or another."

The quilt is a wonderfully lively and personal interpretation of a traditional
and popular design called "Prince's Feather."

The quilt maker did a number of unusual things,
making this version "her very own."

She used an unusual number of "whirling plumes" ~ eight.
We almost always see either four or nine designs.

This woman used eight and then off-set them, leaving little white ground.
She also added single "feathers" to fill in et a criss cven more space.

Her border is great -- and a surprising choice...
Who'd a thought that a criss-crossy angular design would work so well??

Hand quilted with great elan ~
we would have loved to have known this "East Texas" woman!

Very Good Condition
Sturdy and strong with no wear.

We strongly suspect that the khaki brown was once a green,
 the kind of overall fading that is very common in the dyes of the era.

A "country" quilt in that it is on the thick-ish side;
 it is not heavy but there is lots of loft to the cotton batting.


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