Unknown Quilt Maker
India or Pakistan
54 x 84 inches
Circa 1960

 Not ALL Quilts are American...

Southern Pakistan (including Sindh) and Western India share a border;
women there have for centuries made a traditional textile called "Ralli."

This ralli, made of rayon (or perhaps a soft polyester),
was probably made about 1960. Wonderful color.

The front is a simple hand pieced patchwork design
of alternating squares and half-square triangles;
it rather resembles a traditional American quilt design called
"Jacob's Ladder."

The back is a wonderful cotton print and meets the 
front at the borders with a knife edge - no additional binding.

This Ralli is hand quilted, simply, and with dark thread.  

The quilting design is organized in what we 
might be called "Log Cabin" designs. 

For more information on Rallis, see WIKIPEDIA
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