Made by "Silverlake Presbyterian Church"
Los Angeles, CA
Top: circa 1940 ...  Dated on back: "1995"
 60 x 70 inches
Cottons (front); cotton blend (back)
McPherson Collection

We Love This Quilt ~ Has It Two Lives (?)

So here is what WE think happened...

In the 1990s, a Church Group was given either the blocks or the finished top,
 and proceeded to finish up the quilt.

Maybe for a donating church member (or outside public),
 or maybe for a raffle.

It has an inked inscription on the back that reads:
“Silverlake Presbyterian Community Church Quilt  Finished 1995”
Then, an inked image of a heart...

  In any case, we love overall "sameness" of the figures,
with variations in color of course,
but also variations of their arms, variations in their faces,
and the slight variations in their necklines, jewelry and dress shapes.

This group is ready for the Church Social ...  or the Quilting Bee!

Price: $385

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