utah crazy quilt

Unknown Quilt Maker
Inscribed (embroidery): "Aunt Stina Thompson"
Circa 1915
Collected in Utah
80 x 80  inches
Silks and velvets 

Wild & Crazy ... Quilt ...

This quilt, made in the first decades of the 20th century, probably in Utah,
quite struck our (collective) fancy!  

The quilt is so odd (and wonderful) that I found myself lost for words to describe it.
So I asked my buddy, Joe Cunningham, to give me some ideas:

"Unlike the makers of most crazy quilts, 
 who used standard stitches to outline mostly random shaped patches, 
this quilter stuck mostly to rectangles. 

 Then s/he enhanced each rectangle with original hand embroidered designs 
all over each patch, not just over the the outline seams.

The effect of this seemingly endless invention 
is a much more personal statement than the usual crazy treatment affords."

In the center we find this embroidered inscription:   
Aunt Stina Thompson 77 years.  
We assume Aunt Stina was the innovative, inventive maker...

There are several printed silk commemorative ribbons , most Utah-related.
  One says "1847 - 1869 First in Utah, First in our hearts." 

Another reads: "Our Pioneers" Ogden July 1916.  

Other ribbons: 
 "Weber County Old Folks" and  
"Latter Day Saints Sunday School Salt Lake 1899"
Various dates from 1899 -1916" 

In generally very sturdy condition, with a few of the silk pieces,
including the silk ribbons, beginning to shatter. 

The back is also great ... 
solid blue with two rows of pieced Wild Goose Chase

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