variable star


Unknown Quilt Maker
(Initialed "M H E")
Collected in California
70 x 78 inches
Circa 1900


A very pleasing turn-of-the-20th-century pieced quilt  
made of lightweight wools.
The Variable Stars are small scale and plentiful
the quilt maker really knew how to use and distribute color 
to give life and sparkle to this beauty.
Her decision to frame the Stars with a plaid border is brilliant.

In Sturdy, Very Good Condition with a few small moth holes 
and one place where someone attempted a primitive darned repair. 
(See photos)

Tied, with a polished cotton back.

Initialed "M H E" ~ 
We wonder if those refer to the maker ...
or to the recipient of one very wonderful gift!

Price: $1,000
** SALE PRICE  $750 **

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