sawtooth bars

Pecolia Warner
Yazoo City, Mississippi
68 x 92 inches
Circa 1980
Cottons and Blends
McPherson Collection

Well Known African American Quilt Maker

Pecolia Warner, a prolific and well represented quilt maker,
is a highly regarded Southern folk artist.

Warner and her work have been documented by 
The Center For Southern Folklore

From their website:

"Pecolia Warner
Making quilts is a common practice in the South, but
few practitioners of the art stood out among her peers as did Pecolia Warner.

She blended traditional patterns with original designs of her own creation.
During her lifetime, they were exhibited in numerous galleries and museums.

Her work was featured in the Center's film Four Women Artists 
and exhibit Folk Arts and Crafts of the Deep South 
produced by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service.

Growing up in Yazoo City, Mississippi,
 Pecolia Warner pieced her first quilt at the age of ten.
She learned by watching her mother and other women piece and sew quilts in their homes.

Warner's work is characterized by
the use of bold colors, strips, large design motifs, and non-symmetrical patterns.
The constantly varied forms create a strong sense of visual improvisation,
a trait often found in the works of African American quilters and
folk artists throughout the South.

Pecolia Warner described her work:
'I've been wanting to make quilts ever since I saw my mother doing it.  
I wanted that to grow up in me  --  how to make quilts.  That's my talent..  
Quilts are my calling.  
It's a gift from God, to be able to do this. ... I love to do it.' "

Sandra McPherson was able to purchase Warner's Sawtooth Bars quilt 
about thirty years ago.

In Excellent Condition, the quilt represents Warner's bold and free
interpretation of traditional quilt elements, resulting in a one-of-a-kind work,
set squarely within a recognizable form.

A hand quilted treasure by an established American quilt maker.

Price: $725

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