variable star

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Ohio
68 X 82 inches
Circa 1870

Fine Quilt ~ with Early Fabrics

This is one of those finely made, understated quilts that, 
except for its glorious color, might escape attention.

This was made by a skilled, confident and experienced quilt maker.
 Her piecing is precise, her sense of design is superior,
 and her hand quilting is superb.

Check out thee way she subtly rounded the corners and
 finished with an especially narrow binding.  Elegant.

Note that the hand quilted crosshatch flowers in the dark alternate 
blocks are beautifully quilted, but almost hidden in the printed fabric.

Judging by its most recent cotton printed fabrics, it was made likely circa 1880. 
Yet it has many fabrics we would date decades earlier. Luscious.

Excellent Condition.

Price: $950

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