puss in the corner ~ central medallion

Center Medallion
Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in New Hampshire
78 x 84 inches
Circa 1880

The Mother of All Scrap Quilts?

Oh, we know it's not that ... but it sure is wonderful...

This one gets an Award in our  "What A Fantastic Idea!" Category.

The quilt maker simply combined two traditional, rather common pieced designs ~
"Puss in the Corner" and "A Thousand Triangles"
in in her own personal, unique way.  

This textile is technically a comforter, as it is tied rather than quilted.
The maker tied the three layers with a heavy thread
in a few shades of greens and golds.

It feels like it may have a wool batting.

Wonderful color and a fine array of late 19th century cotton prints.

A beauty!

Price: $535

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