wagon wheel

Unknown Quilt Maker
(inscribed "ROY GRIFFIE" in embroidery)
Collected in Virginia
80 x 84 inches
Dated "1914"
Wools and wool felts; flannel back

 ~ Made for -- or BY? -- ROY GRIFFIE ~

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know the story of some of  these quilts ... ?
This one intrigues us...

It came to us with no provenance.  The person we bought it from
assumed it was made by "a man ~ Roy Griffie..." ~ but she had no more info at all.

 We did a quick search and have followed the quilt back a ways.

 "Roy" was Parker Leroy Griffie, born in England in 1897.

He married Bertie Oiler, and together they had 8 children.
Roy died in 1955; Bertie passed in 1991.

One daughter, Dorothy, was born in Mifflin County, PA, and died in 2013
We bought the quilt from a seller who lived near her estate.  

In a quick search, we have found enough on the internet
to know that someone will have a good time researching the background of this one.

But aside from its history,
this textile certainly holds it own from a graphically!

It's a tied quilt, technically a comforter, and made of wools and flannels,
some of them dark.
 It has a strong and solid tone ~ yet lively!

Whoever made it put lots of colorful ties in it and left the threads long.

S/he hand embroidered the spokes of the wheels in white,
 and set each wheel against a different color ground.

 Price:  $685


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