log cabin ~ light and dark variation

Light and Dark 

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Ohio
76 x 76 inches
Circa 1890
Wool challis

Here's a Beauty  ...  Mint Condition!

Wool challis Log Cabins made just before the turn-of-the 20th century 
are so appealing, aren't they?

This Log Cabin, organized into the "Light and Dark" variation, 
provides the wonderful rich color that wool affords us!

The quilt maker used so many different fabrics here. 
S/he skillfully organized what could have been chaotic, by making these choices: 

S/he chose red wool for the small square center of every block.
That consistency goes a long way to pleasing the eye.

She also divided her scraps into lighter and darker colors. 
And then, she constructed her blocks so as to create the illusion of 
alternating "light and dark" diamonds.

Made on foundation  ~ on a wonderful cotton madder print  ~ 
so... there is no batting or filling.  No need for it.
The back is also very beautiful. (See photos)

She chose a gorgeous red woven tape for her separately applied binding.
This binding material is often referred to as "Trenton tape."

Price:  $885

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