carpenter's wheel


 Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Colorado; Origin unknown
68 x 84 inches
Circa 1880

Simply Put: A Triumph!

This 19th century quilt maker truly understood how to use color and fabric. 
Check out the floral fabric she chose for the sashing; 
how many people would envision that working?  But, it does!

By consistently placing the golden butterscotch print 
as an inner "ring" ~ and repeating the pink and green corners, 
she makes a gorgeous, coherent whole out of so many different prints.

In addition to her superb design skills, she was excellent as a piecer. 
Her measuring, cutting, and sewing are exceptionally precise.

So the quilt is very square and flat,
and has either no batting or a very thin one.

In Excellent Condition.

The only apology is that there is some color migration on the back:
one of the madder dyes in the striped printed back fabric 
has migrated onto the white.  No seeping to the front, though!

This lovely "Carpenter's Square" is machine quilted ~ 
quite unusual for an early quilt. 
The quilter did a great job of it with very straight double lines.

A Beauty.

Price:  $1,150

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