sunbonnet sue

Friendship Quilt

Unknown Quilt Maker(s)
(Blocks are signed ~ Friendship Quilt)
Collected in Ohio
82 x 104 inches
Dated "1933"

~ FRESH to the MARKET ~

Each block here is signed (and one is dated 1933), but it is still unclear exactly
 who created this beautifully made quilt.

Check out the superb handwork on this extraordinary example of the
ever-popular Depression-era design known as "Sunbonnet Sue."

Each block has Sue in a pastoral scene, and every block is different.

The hand quilting is as good as it gets.
Elaborate designs including elegant feathers and feather wreaths,
dense and finely stitched.

The condition is nearly MINT ...

The blocks are made on different muslin grounds, perhaps because it
was a "friendship" quilt.  The first wash should even that out some.

The quilt is very large (82 x 104) ~ and would work well on a modern bed.

The gracefully scalloped edges are separately bound in cotton.

Price:  $OLD

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