crazy quilt ~ tobacco silks

Tobacco Silks

Jennie Bamford
Signed: "Jennie Bamford for Matthew Bamford"
Collected in Ohio
74 x 88 inches
Dated; "March 10 1888"

** One of A Kind **

It's not unusual for quilt makers to include silk-screened ribbons or images
within their quilts, particularly in Victorian Crazy Quilts.

Some of the printed silks were tobacco "premiums,"
included in cigarette packages by turn-of-the-century tobacco companies.

 The silks were frequently used by women in their sewing projects,
(or simply collected them) 
and it has been suggested that the tobacco companies
added them specifically for marketing purposes.

Here is a fabulous late Victorian Crazy Quilt made
almost exclusively of these printed silks!  

And what a collection of them!
We posted tons of photos below ~ check them out!

The quilt is otherwise typical of Crazy Quilts:

The maker composed random shaped pieces,
sewed them on foundation, and then embellished them with hand embroidery,
 around every seams and with additional embroidered images within.

This rare treasure is signed and attributed, on the quilt, embroidered:
"Jennie Bamford for Matthew Bamford"

Dated twice, in embroidery: "1888"and "March 10, 1888"

In Excellent Condition

A truly fantastic and rare quilt

Price: $1,750

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