crazy quilt (top)


Unknown Quilt Maker
 Collected in Connecticut
68 x 68 inches
Circa 1920 
Predominantly wools

Plain ... or ... Fancy?

S/he could not decide ~  and so went both ways! 
Or so a friend remarked upon seeing this...

My friend has something there -- doesn't he?

The quilt maker used decidedly un-fancy materials (primarily wools),
 and used some very large pieces for her (stunning) composition.
That's the "plain" part.

The "fancy"part?
S/he added lots of embellishment to the bold but simple composition.

Every seam is not only hand embroidered,  
but embroidered with all kinds of elaborate stitches ~ and a wild array of color.
 Just like the "fancy folk" did!

The combination of the two styles could easily have gone awry,
 but this quilt maker had great design skills,
 and "makes it work!"

Excellent Condition:
We see no condition problems at all:
 No tears, wear, weakening of fabrics, fading, or stains. 

The color is great.   Wool holds dye in a very saturated way; 
the color in wool can be very deep and glowing.
 These wools seems to be as bright as they ever were.

Made "on foundation," (muslin) with no other filling,
 and no binding.

Price:  $335

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