Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Texas
56 x 78 inches
Circa 1930

Simple Design ~ SUPERB Hand Quilting!

This lovely, simple design has many traditional names.  Among them:
"Hummingbird," "Periwinkle," "Kites," and "Job's Troubles."

It's unusual to see such fine, fine hand quilting on simple patchwork.

Here, the crosshatch quilting in the two borders and the "conforming" quilting inside 
is all executed at an impressive 11 stitches per inch (counting one side only.)

This very cheery 1930s quilt is small ~ probably originally intended for a twin bed.  

It would be a wonderful quilt to curl up under, 
and would look very much at home on a wall as well.

Excellent Condition

Price: $275

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