log cabin ~ crazy quilt borders

Crazy Quilt Borders ~ Fan Corners
Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Massachusetts
70 x 72 inches
Circa 1890
"Cheater Cloth" cotton back

~  Great Combination of Traditional Elements  ~

** Log Cabin .....   (check √)

** Crazy Quilt ...  (check √)

** Fans ..............   (check √)

Here the quilt maker used all three of these traditional American quilt patterns
to create a charming, memorable quilt.

S/he worked in wools, and in a warm natural palette, and created a folky, appealing work.
Quilt is a bit more saturated in color than the photos.

Very Good Condition ~ intact, sturdy, and strong...
a few minor moth holes.

Hand embroidered in the cool Crazy Quilt borders,
and in the wonderful Fans corners!

Hand quilted in Clamshell or Baptist Fan design ~ dark thread.

Separately bound in a plaid wool for more color and design ...
 PLUS ~ Check out the back.

The back is entirely cotton "cheater cloth"~
(printed to look like patchwork) ~ pastoral scene with deer...

(click on photos for larger images)

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