rose applique


Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Ohio
82 x 88 inches
Circa 1860

Love Quilt?

This quilt maker varied the designs of her very fine hand quilting,
 and included hearts in the buds of the appliqued flowers. 
Subtle ... Lovely ... A secret message?

The interior design of nine Rose appliques also varies. 
The three down the center"float,"while those on the sides look "planted" into the borders.

This quilt maker was skilled in both needlework and in design;
she created a very fine quilt, with touches of a confident and experienced needle worker.

The quilt is flat and thin, with finely appliqued leaves and flowers.
(Graceful flowers and buds play off of spiky leaves, a pleasing balance of opposites.)

Excellent hand quilting (executed at about 9 s.p.i.) covers the surface here:
 TINY clam shells and dense crosshatches fill the white ground,
and give a lovely texture to this early treasure.

The quilt maker "framed" her design with multiple borders;
then finished the quilt elegantly with a very thin separately applied white cotton binding.

The quilt retains its wonderful original colors, and is in  Excellent Condition.
There are some stains onthe back that do not come through to the front.
Great Piece, This!

Price: $2,800

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