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Unknown Quilt Maker
Presumed made in Hawaii 
80 x 80 inches
Circa 1920


Here's a very good example of a classic Hawaiian quilt,
 this one made in the early part of the 20th century, and in superior condition.

Hawaiian quilt makers had a distinctive style 
which becomes readily identifiable ~ once you have seen a few good examples.

Hawaiian women made applique quilts with stylized floral designs, 
with a radially symmetrical central medallion surrounded by 
complex border elements,  also symmetrical.

The quilt makers typically used two colors ~ a solid color on a white ground. 

A very helpful clue is the hand quilting,
 which is typically done is what is called "wave" or "echo" quilting. 
Rows of stitches outline the shapes, and repeat in radiating rows.

Here that hand quilting is nicely executed;
the repeat subtly strengthens the complex applique design.

We asked Laurie Woodard, 
one of the most respected experts in the world on Hawaiian quilts,
 to help us identify the design.

Laurie wrote:
" ...the large flower center wreath seems to the Maui Rose. 
I'm guessing that the alternate flower on the outer lei is a crown flower.
The corner pots seem to hold an open rose (?) and Maui Rose buds. 
The border flowers probably are carnations with crown flowers in the middle."

And then editorializing a bit, Laurie said:
"Whoever made it, she did come up with a nice, original design."

This deep red and white treasure was recently professionally washed,
 and is in Excellent Condition, with only a binding starting to wear.

Price: $6,850

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