sunbonnet sue youth quilt

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Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Kansas
64 x 50 inches
Circa 1930

Sunbonnet Sue Has Hands!

The quilt maker paid loving attention to details on this sweet,
small quilt:

S/he did a lovely job of combining the colors of the 1930s printed cottons 
with the solid color she chose for the hats, shoes and arms. 

She decorated each bonnet with pretty embroidery,
 and she embroidered hands on each Sue ~ some even have fingers!

This youth-size quilt (65 x 70 inches) is finished 
with those triangular pieces, which is called "Prairie Point" edging.

Mitered corners suggest a skilled and experienced quilt maker.

Hand quilted.

Very Good Condition
No wear, fabrics are intact. There are a few scattered spots.

Square, lightweight, and flat.

Grandma Alert! 
Sweet gift for your sweet grandchild!

Price: $135

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