washington sidewalk ~ youth quilt

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Youth Quilt

Unknown Quilt Maker
Collected in Kansas
37 x 52 inches 
Circa 1910


This small quilt would make a great wall hanging (perfect size at 37 x 52 inches)
or, a sturdy, hand made American treasure for your Loved Little One!
A wonderful combination of features come together
in this wonderfully appealing small piece:

It's a scrappy quilt, made of printed cottons which beautifully represent
 their era ~ truly "Turn of the 20th Century."
(Dark and medium blues, simple two-color prints, lots of plaid and stripes.)

The potential chaos of the various prints is rather enveloped and contained
by the wonderfully proportioned "Tumbler" borders.

In Excellent Condition and Hand Quilted,
 with a separately applied plaid binding.
The quilt has a wonderful feel to it ~ it may have a wool batt. 
Cozy and gently graphic...

Price: $385

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