Full Day or Half Day Workshops
for Your Guild Meeting or Quilt Show

Julie Silber is a nationally known lecturer, author, consultant, and curator. For more than thirty-five years, she has been speaking and conducting WORKSHOPS on quilts as a focus for uncovering the rich world of our female past.

Julie has run workshops nationally and internationally with Quilt Guilds, at Quilt Shows and Events, and with Community Groups, Museums, and Universities. WORKSHOPS can be booked on a Full Day or Half Day basis. The maximum number of participants in most workshop situations is 25.

Workshop Full Day Fee: $750 plus travel and expenses
Workshop Half Day Fee: $450 plus travel and expenses

Current Workshops Offered:
Quilt Sharing
Dating Old Quilts

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Julie Silber is a qualified, professional appraiser of antique quilts, whose (written) appraisals are accepted and honored by museums, the IRS, and insurance companies.

She has more than 40 years of experience in buying, selling, and appraising antique quilts. Julie will do verbal and/or written appraisals appropriate for insurance purposes for individuals in your group or at your quilt show.

If you are interested in appraisals of contemporary quilts, we can expand this day to include a top nationally known appraiser for your “new” quilts.

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